• Classes are conducted as per time table from 9.45 am to 4.35 pm.

• Normally the class starts with a morning assembly/ Thought of the Day.

• College works for 200 days excluding the days of University exams.

• Activities are done as per a common calendar issued by the university and curricular requirements are strictly followed.

• Demonstrations lessons, seminars, debates, discussions and talks are arranged by inviting eminent personalities, experts and educationists.

• Several class tests, assignments and two model examinations are conducted prior to the university semester exams.

• As a result of our collective hard work and wholehearted co-operation, enthusiasm and studious will of the students in every batch, this college has been able to produce a 98 % pass result.

   Teachers who left or joined the college in 2018-19

Dr Renuka Sonny L R(Principal) – transferred from  KUCTE Alappuzha on 24/4/2018 (salary 24040-38840/-)

Smt Chanchel Abraham( Asst Professor in Social Science) – transferred from KUCTE Karyavattom on 13/6/18 ( salary 19240-34500/-)

Smt Resmi K S( Asst Professor in Physical Science) – joined on 29/6/18 ( salary 19240-34500/-)

Smt Santhi Eswar( Asst Professor in Visual& Performing Arts)  -joined on18/7/18 (salary 18000/-)

Smt Suni S R ( Academic co-ordinator)   -joined on 18/7/18(salary 18000/-)  & transferred to KUCTE Kayamkulam as Asst Professor in Perspective Education on 1/3/19( salary 19240-34500/-)

Smt Jisha G R ( Asst Professor in Physical Science)   –  transferred to KUCTE Karyavattom  on 13/6/2018 ( salary 19240-34500/-)

Smt Rani B ( Asst Professor in Social Science)          –  transferred to KUCTE Karyavattom  on 13/6/2018  ( salary 19240-34500/-)

Sri. Vinod V Anand( Asst Professor in Visual & Performing Arts)  –  transferred to KUCTE Karyavattom on 18/6/2018 (salary 18000/-)

Smt. Karoline K Varkey ( Academic co-ordinator) – transferred to KUCTE Karyavattom on 13/6/2018 (salary 18000/-)