Library 2020 - 2021

Number of books in the library                                                             

Number of encyclopaedia available in the library

Number of educational journals or / periodicals being subscribed

Total seating capacity in the library

– 8243

– 62

– 38

– 30

Names of Journals Subscribed and Books

  1. Indian Journal of Teacher Education (NCTE)
  2. Journal of Indian Education (NCERT)
  3. Indian Educational Review.
  4. International Journal of Education and research.
  5. Journal of Educational Planning and Administration.
  6. Edu Tracks
  7. Journal of Educational Research and Extension.
  8. Yogana
  9. Kurukshetra.
  10. Teacher Plus
  11. Teacher Support
  12. Anweshika(NCTE).

Swami Vivekananda and Education        (English)

Swami Vivekananda and Avam Shiksha (Hindi)

The Mother on Education

Shree Ma Aka Shiksha Darshan

Sri. Aurobindo on Education

National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE 2009)

Environmental Education (One Volume)

Parayavaran Shiksha (One Volume)

Conceptual Inputs for Secondary Teacher Education

Policy Perspectives in Teacher Education

Teacher Education






Natural science

Physical science



Social science

Computer education


Total number of books added during the current academic session (2020-2021)

– 8

– 6

– 6

– 1

– 2

– 6

– 10

– 3

– 1

– 3

– 46


The college library with a seating capacity forfortystudents . 8160books& 861Reference books, 16 sets of Encyclopedias, and 23 National and International journals. The library is divided into three sections- Loan, Reference and Journals. The books have been catalogued and classified as per colon classification. Author, Subject and Title catalogues are maintained for use by staff and students. The Reference section contains Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Atlases, Maps, Bound Volume of Journals, Annual Reports, Year Books, NCERT and NCTE publications. Loan facilities for borrowing books are available. A multi-media Computer system with a collection of CD ROMs is the latest addition to the Library. Internet access is also proposed to be provided from the Library.

Library Resources

Names of Journals Subscribed

Journal of Education Technology & research

International Journal of education & administration
Journal of education in emerging Indian society
Journal of education in the 21st century

Availability of Reference Books in the Current Session

Encyclopaedia of learning & teaching( 2 volumes)

Number of books added during the previous academic sessions (2018-19) – 76